"I am sick Of having to remind you
To breathe Before you suffocate
Your own fool self Forget it Stretch or drown
Evolve or die The bridge I must be Is the bridge to my own power
I must translate My own fears Mediate My own weaknesses I must be the bridge to nowhere But my true self And then I will be useful"

— Donna Kate Rushin


if you didn’t know it,
a flower’s bloom
is a backwards dive
off of a cliff,
a soft supernova of skin
pained while you
remain yolked
to the pieces,
is the day you realize
rock bottom is clothed
in the skin of your knees,
is the day you use
your fist for a gavel,
a call for order
against another’s flesh,
is your voice and skin
shattered open
in prayer,
is subserviency,
is a fall, ripped open, bare
beneath the heat of a
higher power able
to grow or wither you

for every injured breath,
every blind landing,
every painful bend
for every uncomfortable
rip from that long static pose
too minute to harbor
the bravery of your

a small child bends at the knees,
head bowed toward
the faith filled floret’s
bare petals risen up
toward the sun in exaltation,
opened in time with the babe’s
wonder widened eyes


— Stephanie Ambroise, exaltation (via akayakmiddip)

"and the whiskey and wine entered our veins
when blood was too weak to carry on…"

— Charles Bukowski, The People Look Like Flowers At Last (via introspectivepoet)


These women…their music!!! Neo Soul all day baby!!

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in the rain


i’ve spent a lot of my time making sure others feel like they matter.
i went to sleep last night wondering if i’m ever going to feel like i do.

i know i do. i know i matter.
i just want to feel it.

it’s like knowing there’s rain, reading about rain, understanding wet and cold, but nothing replaces the feeling of getting caught in a rainstorm.



When you lose someone who’s your home, you know, you’re only home in the world. And when that happens you think, oh fuck I should have had a back-up home. Another person, a place, a thing, something to make me feel safe, and I don’t have that. And now I’m lost.

Such a good fucking movie! A good noir film for sure!

When love is not madness, it is not love.

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Danielle Brooks is so damn beautiful, she is forever my woman crush.

She’s gorgeous. 

 Lianne La Havas at the Warner Bros. Records ‘Summer Sessions’ at Warner Bros. Records Boutique store on July 11, 2014

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That one friend that be goin too far listening to music

akayakmiddip & myuniverse-myrules “Make me feel some type of way” haha

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There are some Christians who prefer structure, authority, discipline, and hard work. They want to schedule their Bible-reading and they need to check off a calendar and they want to attend church on a weekly planner. They tithe to the exact dollar and they dress up every Sunday and they would never ever curse, not even after getting a papercut from their latest Oswald Chambers devotional. And I think that’s okay. I don’t think religion has to be such a bad word all the time. Again, effort is not legalism, because legalism is legalism.

I think God has room for the highly devout church guy who sits in the front row because God respects our individual dignity and personalities. God does not mock the button-up bravado of the sincerely stiff worshiper — because this sort of Christian is still a sinner in need of grace, like you and me, and we’re not called to treat him based on any other parameter.

God has wired each of us differently. Some Christians will drink a beer and smoke cigars and get tattoos and pray in the woods by the river with a handmade journal and Lecrae and Mumford and Sons and Nirvana in their iPod — because this is how they meet Jesus. God has a limitless imagination to speak to each of us in a wild variety of ways. To limit this is to limit God, and I don’t ever want to suckerpunch His sovereignty.


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Fall in love with yourself, everyday. Appreciate your gifts. Marvel at your efforts. And most importantly, applaud your existence.


Sad how accurate this is


Sad how accurate this is

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