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Early morning! A little India Arie & Yerba Mate Tea :)

Early morning! A little India Arie & Yerba Mate Tea :)

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I love that guilty smirk at the end

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universe bless this fro

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In this funny, poignant talk, Brené Brown explains what makes us feel a sense of love and belonging. It’s a powerful reminder (especially for all you Type A’s out there) to embrace the messy and unknown, even when that leap of faith seems scary or uncertain.

Watch the full talk here »

Beautiful words from Brené Brown’s TEDxHouston talk to inspire you this week.

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Notice how if we were to stop arguing about who’s right or wrong we could pretty much change the world.

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i am mine.
before i am ever anyone else’s.
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Do not love me from a void of brokenness…

Well looks like I have to friend zone myself. I CAN’T get caught up with people who say they love me but don’t even know who they are.

Not sustainable. But I do value a good friendship.

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Happy Easter!!

Had a great Easter with my family and little nephew. Church was great, and I feel very thankful for the sacrifice and grace of Jesus. But also for the spirit the dwells in me, that connects me to all of Gods Creation.

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